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Month: April 2012

Dynamic Multipoint IPv6 tunnels using 6to4

6to4 is a transition mechanism that allows modern IPv6 sites to communicate over a legacy IPv4 network, like The Internet. Just like other auto-tunneling techniques the IPv6 end-to-end connectivity is made possible by encapsulating the IPv6 datagrams inside IPv4 datagrams.

Auto-tunneling is a last resort method compared to dual-stack or native IPv6 support, but it can be used as a temporary solution for providing IPv6 connectivity. Just don’t expect kick-ass performance

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Another way of doing IPv4 subnetting

There are many ways to understand subnetting. Here is a method that I use to figure out the IPv4 network address, the first address and the last broadcast address quite easily.

The following part requires understanding of the basic concepts of subnetting and binary math.

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