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Network Automation Day


On September 1st the Norwegian Juniper Elite partner nLogic AS hosted an event called “Ansible i praksis“, entirely focused on network automation using Ansible. Lots of interesting presentations and discussions from the Norwegian automation scene. A whole day of Juniper, automation and Ansible! Does it get any better?

I had the pleasure of leading a technical workshop at the end of the event where the attendees were challenged with common operations tasks worthy of automating.

A fun experience and all-in-all a great day!

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Measuring wireless performance using Ansible, Elastic Stack and MikroTik

Recently I got a fun challenge handed to me where the scenario was to use 20 MikroTik access points to continuously measure wireless throughput for clients in a large arena. The collected metrics could then be used as a baseline component and indicator of a good or bad wireless user experience.

The MikroTik model chosen was the “hAP ac lite” or RB952Ui-5ac2nD which supports 2.4Ghz and 5GHz (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac). Their OS, RouterOS, supports lots of security, wireless and routing features to play with. All this for a price tag of around 50 USD. Sweet!

To solve this challenge we need some way to execute actions on the MikroTik, then extract that output data into some useful format which we then can analyze and store. Then scale this up to n devices and repeat indefinitely.

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GNSparser, now on Bitbucket


I’ve decided to make GNSparser available on Bitbucket. With the source code open to the public you can now run it on your own web server or laptop. Got ideas for new features? Issue a pull request!

Fetch it here:


Introducing GNSparser

I have used Dynagen/GNS3 for some years now and recently it started to annoy me how much time I had to spend every time on the initial lab setup before I could start with the actual lab or proof of concept scenario.

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GNS3/Dynamips labs with a twist using DigitalOcean

Inspired by +Mikhail Schedrin and his cloud-only GNS3/Dynamips labs, I decided to configure one myself. Thanks to the awesome hosting provider DigitalOcean ( you can have a proper Cisco CCNA/CCNP/CCIE lab running for 0.060 USD per hour (4GB Memory, 2 CPU Cores).

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