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Month: March 2012

Generating loopback interfaces using Tcl

When doing networking labs you often need to configure a series of loopback interfaces to simulate connected subnets and so on. Configuring them manually on every router or using Notepad with search and replace can be a pain. Here’s another way to do it!

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Frame Relay switching and point-to-point subinterfaces

Having browsed through half the Internet without finding any decent documentation on how to do this, I gave up on Google and put together something myself. Hopefully it can be useful for other networking students.

I’m doing a lab for Cisco CCNP ROUTE where you’re supposed to set up OSPF over a Frame Relay (NBMA) hub-and-spoke topology with a headquarter and two remote sites. All subinterfaces must be configured as point-to-point. This is how you configure the Frame Relay part.

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